How to play

To play on Aleph you must have the game client that can be downloaded for free below. Take care !!! The only client version we support is High Five part 5. Please don’t download other version of the game client: they will not work on our server.

You can download the client from our repository, was compressed and splitted into six parts for an easier download

Open L2Aleph Repository

(use this if the other link gives no reply)
Open L2Aleph Repository

Detailed instructions follow:

  • Download all files from the repository to your computer
  • Once downloaded the software you’ll need to extract the setup of the game client using a rar file extractor. If you don’t own a tool to extract compressed archives, you can download one for free here.
  • Extract the installation folder just opening the first file (named Lineage II High Five Installer.part1.rar), this will create a folder called Lineage II High Five Installer that will contain the setup files.
  • You can start the installation just clicking on the setup program that you will find inside this folder. Execute the setup to install the game client on your computer  (usually the game will be installed in a folder called C:\program files\ncsoft\Lineage II ).
  • Please don’t try to start the game now. You will need an additional step.

After the client installation you must place our System Updater (the L2AlephSystem.exe) into your game folder. This is needed to update your game client and to ensure that all L2Aleph files are ok.

To use it, simply follow this istructions:

  • Copy the updater into the folder where you have installed the client (usually called C:\program files\ncsoft\Lineage II ).
  • If you want to place an Icon on your desktop to easily start the game, simply select the updater from the game folder, press the right mouse button and choose Send to..  giving Desktop as destination.
  • You can start the game by this icon or, if you don’t want to use the icon, just double click on the L2AlephSystem file from the client folder.

To login on our server you need a game account. To make a new account, you can use the big red button on our home page or just navigate to and create your game profile following the instruction.

Now that you have all that is needed to play: start the game using the updater icon, wait for the red button START to light then press it and insert the username and the password of your account when requested.

Note:  When the updater start for the first time, it needs to download various updates from our server.
Don’t worry, it happens one time only, so be patient! You need to wait for the start button to be enabled before start to play.

For any problem please contact our team.