Battle Arena

Battle Arena

A new way to prove your combat skill

The Battle Arena is an engine that allows you to organize your fights “Team vs. Team”. You can create your dream team and look for an opponent team, or you can sign in as a single player and the system will create teams automatically. Games are created by players: who starts a match can select options to customize the game.

Game Type

  • Deathmatch (1 point for each enemy team member killed).
  • Last Man Standing (1 point if you succeed in killing all members of an enemy team).
  • Capture the Flag (1 point when you capture an enemy flag and bring it back to your base).

At the end of the match, who has the higher point count is the winner. Number of Teams

  • Number of teams involved in the game (from 2 to 6).

Party Size

  • Number of members required for a team ( you can select 3, 5, 7, 9 or a special option 3_or_more that allows to have teams of different size but with a minimum of 3 members each one).

Level Range

  • Automatically selected basing on the level of the player who creates the Game, with an option “Unlimited ” to play without level restrictions.

Participation Fee The amount in adena that every player must pay to play. The winners take all. You can choose zero if you don’t want to bet on your power.


How to play

To start a new battle, simply go to Fantasy Island and talk to Catrina, the Battle Arena Manager. She is waiting for players near the fountain in the main square. You can register your party and create your game or you can select a game from the list of games waiting for participants. When you create a new game all players actually connected receive a message announcing the game. If a player wants to participate and he is not currently engaged in combat or registered for other events or for olympiads, he can simply write the command .join in the chat to access to the battle interface and choose if participate.

Other info

Once you create a game you must wait all needed players, then the system will select an arena for your match and the game will start. Every match has a duration of 20 minutes, but you can give up at any time just talking with the manager near your spawn position in the arena.


There are rewards for the team that win the match and  for every point gained during the match.  You can win Adena and Points to spend in the Aleph Shop. There are weekly prizes for best players including a special prize for the best players for each race: a special themed agathion.