Below there are a few rules. We have designed in order to expose what we call the correct way to play on Aleph‘. If you have suggestions about that, please contact us.

  • It’s forbidden to provoke, insult, threaten, etc. any user, it’s also forbidden the use of bad words in public messages. Critics and reclamations about other players behaviour must be avoided! If you want to report someone please contact the L2Aleph staff.
  • You are responsible for your own safety inside and outside the game. Never give information about your account to any other person, including the administrator and other staff members, otherwise your account may be stolen. If you lend your account to a friend and your items will disappear you can not get them back, if he uses your account to violate the rules, the problem is yours, and the punishment too.
  • It’s forbidden to use any third party software to interact with the game or improve gameplay. That includes (some examples) BOTs, CHEAT software, HACK tools, Keyloggers and any kind of software that can give benefits. A link to download our game updater is available from the How to Play page. You must use the original game client and the L2Aleph updater to play on our server.
  • It’s forbidden to scam other players saying that you are a particular player or a Staff member. The official team list can be found on this site. Cheat on another players in situations of false expectations, bluffs, frauds or any other act with the objective of steal items or accounts is completely forbidden and results in a server ban.
  • Never insult a member of the Staff. They are here to help, to give to the players a place where they can have fun. The members of the Administration have the power to jail, to ban and sometimes to simple alert a player via petition system. Public offenses will result in BAN. Try avoid losing your account.
  • Do not ask for teleport, items, armors, weapons, etc. to the Staff members. The abuse of this kind of attitude will result in jail and in some cases in ban. The Staff won’t give stolen / lost items back, please do not insist.
  • Do not insult the server, it’s your virtual family. Here you have fun with friends (and sometimes with enemies), play and talk with other people and spend several hours. If you are having lag problems remember: it can be YOUR internet connection. If the server goes down in some moment, be patient and wait until the Staff restores the server. Remember that we are here to play and have fun. So let’s respect this virtual home.
  • Do not take advantage of any kind of BUG in-game. The staff will ban everyone that abuses of server bugs without previous warning. If you find a bug, please report it to the staff.
  • It’s forbidden to mess with any kind of event (sieges, tvt, ctf, dm, lms, etc.). It doesn’t matter if the event is being held by the server, the administration or common players, do not try to mess with events.
  • It’s forbidden to do dualboxing: this server is built to have a player behind any characters. The staff will ban you without warning.
  • It’s completely forbidden to leech points in Olympiads. We will ban any case of leeching.
  • Only one Hero per player is allowed. This is an extention of our main philosophy: one player behind one character.
  • It’s forbidden to announce or advertize other servers or other services, be it linked with the game or not.
  • The staff has the authority to ban and delete accounts at any moment. The server can also go offline without previous warning. In any case please avoid complain. This is a free service and we can’t give any warranty about his continuity.
  • The staff has the right of adding or removing rules at any time.
  • The staff provides support to the players by e-mail, this web site and facebook page. If you want to talk with the administration, use the Contact Us link in the top of our site.
  • We will never give donation money back, all donations are final. Remember that we do not charge anyone for our services, if you want to donate it’s because you want to help the server.
  • Accounts with 6 months or more of inactivity can be automatically deleted by our system .
  • The most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Remember to keep an eye on this page. If you get punished by doing something you didn’t know it was forbidden, you will remain punished.