Grand Olympiad (High Five version)

Grand Olympiad arenas are instanced zones. Matches can now be held in 160 stadiums at the same time.

Participant and Audience Limits The minimum number of participant is:

  • 9 characters – for Class-irrilevant Individual matches
  • 9 characters – for Class Individual matches
  • 3 teams – for Class-irrilevant Team matches

The maximum number of people who can watch a match at the same time is 18 per stadium.

The waiting period between matches is 25 seconds (was 45 seconds).

You cannot request a match if your character’s inventory or weight is above 80%.

Camera and Replay Viewing

With the Camera Mode, characters can move about freely while watching Grand Olympiad matches. For more information about this new mode, press the Help button while viewing a match.

There is a Replay function to allow spectators to record a match and play it back later.

Participant Matching

The previous system in which opponents were selected randomly has been changed to a system in which opponents with similar Olympiad points are matched first. Points are now accumulated by:

  • 10 points for reaching Noblesse for the first time.
  • 10 more points every week.
  • A total of 50 points given to every character during each Olympiad cycle.

Noblesse Characters

Noblesse characters can now join only up to a set number of matches per week. This maximum number resets at the beginning of each Olympiad cycle.

  • Total Matches: 70 maximum
  • Class-Irrelevant Individual Matches: 60 maximum
  • Class Individual Matches: 30 maximum
  • Class-Irrelevant Team Matches: 10 maximum

Noblesse characters can us the /olympiadstat command on other characters to check a targeted character’s Olympiad points, personal record, and remaining number of matches.


The appearance of the Olympiad stadium has changed into a rectangular grassy arena surrounded by a coliseum-like building. The sky in this arena changes randomly.

Three stadiums can be used for a match:

Orbis Arena An enormous octagonal structure with stone statues at its center. This structure has gaps between the statues that characters can move freely through.
Orbis Arena
Three Bridges Arena The stadium is split into two halves that are connected in the center by three short, parallel bridges that are interspersed with stone statues.
Three Bridges Arena
Hero’s Vestiges Arena This square stadium contains a stone statue at its east, west, south, and north sides. These stone statues block the gates from which participants enter, making this mid-sized stadium look even smaller.
Hero's Vestiges Arena

Daily Quests

The Olympiad Manager gives out Grand Olympiad daily quests. The quests are reset at 6:30 a.m. (server time) every day.

  • Olympiad Starter (lvl75): Participate and complete three, five, or ten Olympiad Matches. Win or lose, you receive a reward for participating.
  • Olympiad Veteran (lvl75): Participate and complete five of each type of match (1v1 Match, 1v1 Class Match, and 3v3 Team Match) to claim a reward.
  • Olympiad Undefeated (lvl75): Win two, five, or ten matches without being defeated to claim a reward.

Olympiad Point Changes

Current Olympiad Point settlement rules:

Ran Basis Points
1 Top 1% 100 points
2 Top 10% 75 points
3 Top 25% 55 points
4 Top 50% 40 points
5 Below 50% 30 points

The Hero bonus is 200 points.

The minimum number of matches in which you must participate to receive point rewards increased to 15 matches.

One-fifth of the winner’s Olympiad Points are awarded to the winner of a match, and one-fifth of the loser’s Olympiad Points are deducted from the loser of a match.

Olympiad Rewards

The duration for the use of the Olympiad Warrior’s Ring, Olympiad Warrior’s Earring, and Olympiad Warrior’s Necklace is 60 days.

Hero Weapons:

  • Basic stats, such as P. Atk. and M. Atk. have increased.
  • PvP extra damage is increased.
  • A very strong holy attack power has been added on all Hero weapons.

The special abilities of the Hero Weapon Infinity Spear have changed. The Cancel effect and the number of buffs canceled have been reduced, and the skill reflection rate increased.

New equipment reward items are now available for purchase with Olympiad tokens at the Olympiad Manager:

  • Vesper Armor Sets, Sigils, and Shields
  • Noble Enhancement Stones
  • Vorpal Armor Sets, Sigils, and Shields

The items available by using a Noblesse Gate Pass have been removed. Noblesse Gate Passes have been moved from the Quest Inventory to the General Inventory, and they can now be sold to a shop as a common item for 100 Adena.

Ancient Book – Divine Inspiration (Original Version) can now be exchanged, dropped, or sold through a private store. Its cost has been reduced to 90,000 Olympiad tokens.

The cost for Giant’s Codex is now 550 Olympiad tokens.

The cost for Individual Fame points is now 100 Fame points for 1 Medal of Glory.

The amount of Fame points required to buy Forgotten Scrolls is 52,000 Olympiad tokens + 1,950 Fame points + 12,000,000 Adena.